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... The Big Busk returns April 1st 2017...
  • Photo supplied by kind permission of the Shropshire Star

  • Big Busk Shrewsbury music festival

    Gareth Rhys Jones & Simon Spoons

  • Photo supplied by kind permission of the Shropshire Star

  • Photo supplied by kind permission of the Shropshire Star

Alone in the Crowd - My Mates & Me
Download "Alone in the Crowd - My Mates & Me" now! Ben Bebbington, Paul Henshaw
The single is now available to purchase and all proceeds go to the Shrewsbury Ark
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The Perfect Big Busk Partners

Without the help, support and kind donations of all our partners The Big Busk would only be a pipe dream. These business and individuals have kindly offered their time and resources to help make this year’s Big Busk happen. We really are truly grateful to them all. Happy Days!
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Music on The Streets
Why we do it

Saturday April 6th 2013 saw the first Big Busk – Happy Days in Shrewsbury take place in the town’s beautiful medieval centre. A celebration of community, music and talent in glorious sunshine. This remarkable event saw over 40 musical acts, made up of over 200 people, who filled the town with a carnival atmosphere. Performances covered a whole range of musical genres from opera and classical to contemporary and folk.
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Big Busk Happy nights in Shrewsbury

As the sun goes down on a day filled with beautiful sounds the music goes up!! Happy nights in Shrewsbury will see fantastic local talent perform throughout the best live venues in the town; the bars, restaurants, an old church, and good old local pubs will be holding a full evening’s musical entertainment with every genre of music… So go relax for the night or stroll around the loop drinking in the music.
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The Big Busk 2016 Trailer!

Here's a little teaser trialer for the Big Busk 2016. Thanks to all involved :)

The Big Busk 2014

Want to see what the Big Busk is all about? Here is a video showing the 2014 Big Busk. Thanks to Aaron at Painted Life Productions :)

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The Big Busk Shrewsbury 2017 - Happy Days

"Music is a world within itself with a language we all understand." - Stevie Wonder